From the airport to the center of Copenhagen

Tickets for public transportation (bus, train, metro) can be bought at Copenhagen Airport (and every train or metro station). When you arrive at the airport you will find a ticket office (DSB office) just outside the arrival area. You can purchase a ticket from this office or from the automatic machines in the arrival area using either cash or card. The price for each ticket depends upon the number of zones that you will be travelling. The trip from the airport to the center of Copenhagen covers 3 zones - a 3 zone ticket costs 36 DKK.

The metro is a quick way to reach the city from the airport (~15min). The M2 metro line (up the escalator after the arrival area) will take you to the city center (Nørreport).

Taxi from Copenhagen Airport to the city center is about 350 – 400 DKK (ca. 50 EUR).

Getting around in Copenhagen

The easiest way to move around the city is by bus and metro system.

The minimum price that you pay when purchasing a single ticket is 24 DKK for travelling within 2 zones. The ticket is valid for 1hr within the 2-zone area and you can make more than one trip during that time.

You can purchase a single ticket from a ticket machine at train stations, or from the driver when riding the bus (in this case you can only pay cash), but you cannot buy a ticket inside the train/metro. So please get your ticket before you get on. If not, you may face a fine of 750 DKK (ca. 100 euros).

We recommend that you buy a 7-day FlexCard, which costs ca. 260 DKK for 2 zones and ca. 350 DKK for 3 zones. If you are staying less than 7 days you can e.g. buy a 72-hour CityPass (ca. 250 DKK). The cards allow you unlimited use of all types of public transportation within the zones that you have purchased.

When travelling in the inner city, you will usually only need 2 zones, but please note that if you purchase a 2 zone card, you will need to buy an extra single ticket for your trips to the airport (as this is a 3 zone trip).

To find the best public transport connections from one travel point to another use the Rejseplanen website. You can also download a Rejseplanen app to your smart phone and plan your trip on the go.

If you, in addition to the symposium, wish to visit museums and tourist attractions, the Copenhagen Card may be your best option. Please check the Copenhagen Card website for information about prices and sales points.

Rent a bike
If you wish to travel around the city “like a Dane”, you may want to rent a bicycle. Bycyklen has bicycles for rent near the symposium venue at Nørre Campus. You can also check with your hotel, most hotels will provide you with this option. Additionally, there are several bike shops around the city. It takes about 15-30 minutes to cycle anywhere in the central area of Copenhagen. You can take the bicycle with you on the metro, but you need to buy a bicycle ticket. It is free to take the bicycle on the S-trains. You cannot take a bicycle with you on buses.

Taxis in Copenhagen are easily accessible. All journeys are priced using taximeter and an initial fee. Suggestions of taxi companies in Copenhagen:
Taxa 4x35: (+45) 35 35 35 35
Amager-Øbro Taxa: (+45) 32 51 51 51
DanTaxi: (+45) 70 25 25 25

Symposium venue
The symposium venue is the Copenhagen Biocenter situated in the University of Copenhagen's North Campus (Nørre Campus). Nørre Campus is located in the Copenhagen district Østerbro. The nearest bus stops to the venue are:
ARRESØGADE (Tagensvej) – bus line 6A and 42 from Nørreport
UNIVERSITETSPARKEN (Nørre Allé) – bus lines 15E, 150S, 184, 185 from Nørreport
TAGENSVEJ (Jagtvej) – bus lines 8A (from Frederiksberg area)