Deadline for submission of Abstracts is 20 April 2018.

Your abstract must be sent by e-mail to tardigrada2018@gmail.com together with a copy of receipt for payment of fees and documentation for student status if applicable (see Registration). Include your name in the filename.

When you submit your Abstract please indicate whether you prefer an Oral or Poster presentation.


The Abstract must be between 250 and 400 words. It should be written in Times New Roman using single line spacing and must include the sections described below. Use SI units and appropriate symbols (e.g. µm, not micron) and minimize the use of abbreviations.

The title should be concise but informative and written in 14 point bold. Center the title and write it in sentence case (capitalize only the first word of the title).

Authors and Affiliations
Author names and affiliations should be centered and written in 12 point. Write the names of authors in bold and separate author names by commas. Underline the presenting author. Write the affiliations below author names. Author names and their affiliations should be associated by numbers in superscript.

Text body of the Abstract
The text body of the Abstract should be written in 12 point and aligned to both the left and right margins (justify the text). The text body of the Abstract must include the following separate sections:

  • Background: The context and purpose of the study.
  • Results: The main findings.
  • Conclusions: A brief summary and potential implications.

Give three to five keywords representing the main content of the study. List the keywords alphabetically separated by commas in 12 point normal. Align the text to the left margin.


An Abstract example is provided here.